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In which everyone is ghey for Viper. Except Echo.

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Sep. 15th, 2007 | 12:00 pm
posted by: dancingkirby in getyourgameon

Echo, of course, is ghey for Adrian! XD

-Jaden called Viper "big boy". I TOLD you everyone was ghey for him. :P

-Um...how did Adrian get Chazz's living room curtain his clothes back on so quickly? Well, he probably does have a lot of experience with taking them OFF quickly...

-The Eye is ghey (Or maybe pansexual?) for Jaden, Viper, AND Adrian.


-Syrus: Look at all that monster's attack points!

Well, Syrus, I'd LIKE to see all the monster's attack points, but there's the small issue of that @(*!&()! advertisement sort of BLOCKING IT!

-They kept in some of the "Why do you Duel?" stuff...neat.

-While everyone ELSE is in that stupid desert, Viper gets to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Escalator Land! Wheeeee!

(BTW, the Escalator Land joke is originally from Fairly Oddparents...I just like using it a lot)

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