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Oct. 20th, 2007 | 11:59 am
posted by: dancingkirby in getyourgameon

Yep...this episode was pretty much a filler, all right...I'm not sure how many observations I can make for it.

-Blair wakes up...and thus ceases to do anything more that's useful for the whole rest of the season.

-Why do all the zombies have bad haircuts? Okay, actually...why do the NPC students in general have bad haircuts?

-Bastion...THE PIMP MASTA!

- Lolz, Axel is ignoring Adrian. Because he's too HARDCORE to listen to fourth wall-breaking manwhores.

-Just where did Marcel get that steak? And who cooked it for him?

-...I thought "Whatevs" was Alexis's thing to say?

-Wait a minute...if that one guy is facing backwards, with the mask face on his back...how can he see what he's doing?! No wonder he didn't play any cards. XD

-There was a noticeable lack of dodgy lines in this episode...the only one I can really think of is when zombie!Syrus says, "Inches won't help you!"

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from: pikachuchansan
date: Oct. 21st, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)

Well, theres always next season, Blair! I think...

- I saw one guy who looked like the lovechild of Syrus and Hassleberry had Sy-like black hair. That's cool...right?

- And lets not forget Chazz...THE RAPE MASTA! He's looking at you, Alexis dear.

- Axel IS to hardcore for Adrian. >:D But I think just about everyone ignores Adrian now. =B

- He got it from the delivery zombies Jaden mentiened earlier.

- I thought it was Jaden's thing (guess not...).


- I loved that scene in the first place, but that line just makes it even BETTER. <3 And remember: going through an episode of GX without dodgy lines is just like going through a box of cereal without getting the prize inside.

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perpetually ridiculous

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from: immicolia
date: Oct. 21st, 2007 05:53 am (UTC)

- I think the better question to ask is why do all the Random Generic Students have incredibly awful voices. Because they're bad even by this show's standards. although for what it's worth, the yellow one started reminding me of Abridged Series Tristian at some point near the middle, which: XD Also, I swear the ringleader looks like he could be Espa Roba's cousin and his mask thing looks a little like Strong Sad XD

- the "Marcel, where did your accent go?" joke never stops being funny. Ever.

- the Blue Berets! Although, where the hell did they get the uniforms from?

- you know, I came to this sudden incredibly important realization a week or two ago and I have yet to bring it up. A few episodes back they said that Bastion didn't have a duel disc or a deck, right? And the Zombie Plague spreads by dueling, right? Therefore, if Bastion can't duel, doesn't it stand to reason that he should be invincible! He should be out there beating the hell out of all these zombies, instead of lifting boxes. Because he's cooler than everyone. Although he is not HARDCORE like Axel is. ....but he could be. Come on, Bastion! Grab an axe and start swinging! Be a hero! XD

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