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Get Your Game On

and Chazz It Up!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX dub community
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Welcome to getyourgameon, a community committed to the loving of the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
Fanatics of the Japanese version are welcome, but discussions and posts will contain no spoilers beyond the current episode and arc of the United States.

To start,

Reasons Why Yugioh GX Dub is Good For Your Soul!
-it's good, clean fun!
-it's good, dirty fun!
-teh rampant ghey
-the fact that the dub makes the innuendo WORSE
-the 'awww' moments that make you audibly go 'awww!'
-Zane is hot
-Atticus is hot
-Chazz is hot
-Crowler is....ha! I almost got you there, didn't I! :P Crowler is funny
-you get to yell 'CHAZZ IT UP!' when Chazz Princeton duels and it's perversely satisfying
-Jaden's self-confidence is pretty inspiring
-Syrus's monsters are a break from the norm
-new monsters in general. Go Avian and Cyber Dragon!
-The idea of Duel Alchemy makes no sense whatsoever, but, you have to admit that it's cool!
-it makes you wonder what possessed them to build the academy next to an active volcano?
-there is obviously some deep, deep symbolism in that cyborg dueling monkey. Obviously.
-it doesn't have to make sense
-...but there is a plot line there sometimes!
-doesn't hearing 'get your game on' make your inner pervert just die?
-the crack!